Testimonials from out partners and Mentors

What we Do

Opening The Minds And Hearts Of K - 12 Children, Young Girls, And Their Families To The World Of STEM.

Using A Unique Mastery Learning Program Integrating Math, Chess, Coding, And Financial Support Into A Single Program To Prepare For College.

A deciding factor for success in STEM.
Internet and Computers
Devices and internet are luxury items for underserved communities we are trying to help.
College Application and Financial aid guidance
The underserved communities we are trying to help likely have never applied to college.
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Our Partners

Our Partner schools Are Meridian Academy, Hillcrest Elementary, Grace Jordan Elementary, And South Jr. High. 
 We have Also Partnered With Boise Rescue Missions, And Boys / Girls Club among others. 

Corporate Sponsors

Ventive excels at applying the right technologiesto improve business processes and customer experiences. You'll work hand-in-hand with our product teams, avoiding the problems of recruiting, hiring and managing technical talent. 

Why we do what we do

Create individual intellectual, economic and social empowerment.

Help the disenfranchised realize their true potential in STEM.

Realize their innate abilities to succeed among our disenfranchised population.